About Hertz 87.9

Hertz 87.9 is Bielefeld’s university radio. It is made by students and for students. Music, sports, art life, video games and many other topics are all part of our many-sided program.
We are also financed by students: 1.10 Euro from each semester fee goes to the budget of Hertz 87.9.
We are broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
You can listen to Hertz 87.9 in the city of Bielefeld and the vicinity at the frequency of 87,9 FM or you can listen to our program online (stream, app)

It all began with a small group of students broadcasting from the recording studio of the Linguistics and Literary Studies faculty.
In 1996, a new law allowed universities to operate their own radios. Soon, there emerged an idea to found a university radio in Bielefeld. For the two following years about 30 students have worked together to bring this project to life. In 2000, Bielefeld’s university radio was founded and became the fifth of its kind in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Chief editors:
If you think that the main job of chief editors is to run after the rest of the team all over the office with a broom, you’ve got a completely false picture! Our chief editors are mainly there to act as a scapegoat if something goes wrong. And as being a scapegoat isn’t a particularly favorable task to perform the chiefs do their best to make Hertz 87.9 programs meet the highest expectations of their listeners! For that purpose weekly meetings of the team are organized to discuss the topics to be highlighted the following week. The chief editors are also there to delegate certain tasks to the team, while the main idea is not about imposing a job on someone but rather about having a plan of what’s yet to be done.

Every day we receive loads of packages with CDs from bands and record companies with a wish to get broadcast on our radio. Music editors have the privilege of dealing with all those heaps of post and decide what music is good and what is not so good, and what could become our Hertzstück - album of the week.
Meetings of the music team take place every Friday in Room CO1-205. Not just music editors of Hertz 87.9 but every other student can participate and decide what should be part of our broadcasting.

What can be more exciting than spending a whole year in a new country where everything, even the language itself, is a new start? Students from all over the world come to study at the University of Bielefeld. International Department gives them an opportunity to share their stories with our listeners. We are also there for students coming from Bielefeld who take journeys to far ends of the world and want to report of their adventures.
You can hear all these stories in our show Hertz International.

Art and culture
The whole world is a stage – says Shakespeare, and our Art and Culture Department is its critic. We handle the topics of literature, theatre and art. What new plays do university theatre groups have to show? How good is the new detective story of a local Bielefeld author? All these questions are answered in our art and culture magazine HertzKultur.

Blockbuster or art house: we keep an eye on everything that comes on screen in the cinemas of Bielefeld. Apart from that we interview film actors and directors. We also review films coming out on DVD and Blu Ray. All these kinds of reports are then presented in our program HertzKlappe.

We never lose grip of our joypads and play all we can get hold of. We immerse ourselves not just in the worlds of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft but also in board games etc. What all that comes to you can find out in our games program HertzLevel

Our local football club Arminia Bielefeld isn’t so famous as Barcelona, still we enjoy reporting local football events. We also look at the new exciting offers among university sport courses. All these impressions are summed up in our program HertzRasen.

University politics
What decisions did the student parliament make in their last session? What are politically active university groups up to? We interview the persons in charge to grasp all the complex issues of Bielefeld university life and present them in the most understandable way in our program InFakt – Das Magazin.

Training department is there to add new enthusiastic members to our editors team. One can start working at our radio by completing an internship or a training course. More: Mitmachen

As part of university courses our radio offers a seminar each semester for everyone who’d like to have a closer look at the work of a radio journalist. How to do a good interview? How to cut an audio file? How to make me like the sound of my own voice on air?
All these and many other questions are answered in our seminar “Radio and Online Journalism: On Air at Hertz 87.9”. More: Seminar

Project management:
If everything goes smoothly one doesn’t even notice that such a department as project management exists. All the backstage work is our responsibility. We take care of finances and make sure that our technical equipment functions properly.