Mixtape: Intros

Musik: Laurenz Junker

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very fortunate to be able to present to you our very special guest tonight. We are honored to have such a legend, such a humble person in our midst. When I first met her, I was tacken aback by her incredible talent and I am sure many of you have fond memories of her and her art. And now, without further ado, give a warm welcome and a huge applause!

This show is about to begin!

Seite A:

Linkin Park – Opening
Gorillaz – Intro
Lamb of God – The Passing
Kavinsky – Prelude
Wu-Tang Clan – Intro
PERTURBATOR – Welcome Back + Perturbator’s Song
Limp Bizkit – Intro
Jedi Mind Tricks – Intro
Pendulum – Genesis
Machine Head – The Declaration
Snoop Dogg – Don Doggy + Da Boss Would Like to See You
GosT – Beyond
Soulfly – The Dark Ages
Farin Urlaub – Intro (Manche Nennen es Musik)

Seite B:

Arch Enemy – Tear Down The Walls + We Will Rise
Alt-J – Intro
Hanuman Tribe – Change of Sound (Intro)
Le Matos – Intro
Slipknot – 742617000027
KoRn – Dead
MF Doom – Beef Rap
Sum 41 – Intro
Mononome – Introduction
Trivium – Capsizing the Sea + In Waves
System of a Down – Soldier Side (Intro)
50 Cent – Intro
Eminem – Intro
Erykah Badu – Rimshot